I'm Danii, English. Say hi! :)

THE FEELING ARE MY LIFE. If you like them let's be friends :D

Nerdfighter (Which means I'm 14567892% in like with Hank Green).

Fandoms: blink-182, Star Trek, Sherlock, Hannibal, Doctor Who, TableTop, and Welcome to Night Vale.

Pansexual adolescent.

Cosmology. DFTBA.

Dan Gillespie-Sells, Mark Hoppus, John and Hank Green, Matt Smith and Wil Wheaton.
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Life Tip: Don’t allow Tumblr to become your primary/only source for morality. Remember, this is the site which had many people genuinely believe that they can get unlimited chocolate just by slicing it a certain way. I know I certainly wouldn’t want these people dictating my worldview for me.